Sagas of Rimholm

The Sagas of Rimholm is a Torchbearer RPG supplement for the Middarmark setting.

Rimholm Dagbok

Sagas of Rimholm Print & PDF Bundle

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The Rimholm Dagbok is a Torchbearer Middarmark campaign accessory and an experimental "zine."

The "journal" zooms into a whole region of the Middarmark, from the Sakki Downs to the Skyet Sea, with lore for dozens of adventure sites. The hub of this region is Rimholm, and from any direction your adventuring party travels, there are rewards and dangers everywhere they go.

Written from the first-person perspective of an unnamed dvergar adventurer, the Rimholm Dagbok chronicles the dwarf's arrival and misadventures in Rimholm. Learn as much about life in Rimholm as the Nidavellir, the deep kingdom and home of the dvergar. Rumors of curses and mad kings fill the taverns, and the dwarf author learns about the uncanny parallels between these two mighty kingdoms.

Written for players and GMs alike to provide rumors, campaign prompts, and adventure leads to explore and to reward your return to town, the Dagbok is not your typical campaign accessory. It is designed to appear as an "in-game" artifact that provides vivid details to bring your campaign to life. The Dagbok serves as a player's guide for roleplaying in the Middarmark and part of a GM's campaign sandbox toolkit.

Includes one printed book of the Dagbok, two PDF documents (Dagbok and GM Guide), and two maps:

Rimholm Dagbok (Print & PDF)

  • 72 pages
  • Middarmark campaign accessory for players and GMs
  • B&W illustrations

Rimholm GM Guide (PDF)

  • 28 pages
  • Charts and tables, NPCs, Bestiary for GMs

Rimholm Map (JPG)

  • Town map with settlement locations

Rimfjord Region Map (PDF)

  • Rimstrond regional map that includes Rimholm, Rik Bay, and the Rimfjord


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