The Slumbering Storm Giant and Jotunheim Gazetteer

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The Slumbering Storm Giant and Jotunheim Gazetteer is a Torchbearer Sagas adventure zine and campaign book for Torchbearer RPG.

Two companion zines designed by the Chalk Horse creative team of D. Koch, a Torchbearer Sagas designer from Mordite Press, and Thor Olavsrud, author of the Middarmark and co-creator of Torchbearer.

Journey to Jotunheim

There's naught for you but to make your own way in this harsh life of plumbing the depths for scraps from bygone eras. But every once in a while, an opportunity surfaces to make your fortune and strike it rich. Of course, there is one problem... one giant problem.

The Slumbering Storm Giant Adventure

A new 32-page full adventure zine to explore the wilderness and ruins of a giant's magical fortress. Survive dangerous traps, dwarven grudges, vicious rivalries, and of course, giants.

  • 32 pages, saddle-stitched B&W zine
  • Full adventure with 11 areas
  • Explore the wilderness of Jotunheim and magical castle ruins
  • Optional setup for one-shot or convention play
  • Suitable for levels 2 - 10

Jotunheim Gazetteer

A digest-sized, bound booklet expands your campaign to Jotunheim–a land of illusion and sublime horror. New locations, personalities, bestiary, rumors, encounters, jotunn generator, dread mechanic, and more...

  • 136-page booklet with color cover
  • Travel to Jotunheim-a land of illusion and sublime mystery
  • Drop into any setting with a realm of giants and trolls
  • High-level play with “Advance & Vanquish” rules

New Content for Your Campaign:

  • Adventure hooks, lore, and leads
  • Personalities of Jotunheim
  • Weather conditions
  • Settlements
  • Magic items
  • Bestiary
  • Regional map
  • Encounters
  • And a table-based Jotunn Generator


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