About Chalk Horse

The Chalk Horse is a mysterious location in the Middarmark, an eight-legged horse carved in the chalk hill of Hvitmarr Fell.

From the Middarmark book: "Lore claims ill-luck flows from the barrow mounds around the Chalk Horse in the downs north of the city, where ancient Sakki chiefs sleep the endless sleep in barbarian splendor, guarded for eternity by ghost fences made from the heads of their enemies. Few adventurous souls willingly go there."

The Chalk Horse is an evocative, unique, and intriguing site worth exploring, filled with layers upon layers of lore. So it seemed a fitting namesake for the collaboration by D. Koch from Mordite Press and Thor Olavsrud, creator of the Middarmark from Burning Wheel HQ, for all things Middarmark.

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Credit Due

  • D. Koch: Sagas of Rimholm, Rimholm graphic novel portraits
  • Thor Olavsrud: Torchbearer co-creator and Middarmark creator
  • Luke Crane: Torchbearer co-creator
  • Thomas Denmark: Allegory of Rimholm Title, Rimholm graphic novel cover, Rimholm graphic novel character concepts
  • Duamn Figueroa Rassol: Rimholm graphic novel character concepts and pencils (Issue 1)
  • Alessandra Imperio: Rimholm graphic novel pencils (Issue 2)
  • Dyson Logos: maps
  • Steve Sabo (Sound and Score): music for Sagas of Rimholm
  • Tomas Honz: Blackwater, Majestic Mountain, and The North paintings