Torchbearer Articles

Articles and guides written by D. Koch and Thor Olavsrud for the Middarmark setting of Torchbearer.

Middarmark Pronunciation Guide

The languages of the Middarmark are primarily inspired by Old Norse, Icelandic, Norwegian, and English. For more information, see Pronunciation Guide, Middarmark, p.6, and Languages of the Middarmark, Middarmark, p. 14.

In this video, we've created a regional dialect for the Rimstrond area surrounding the city of Rimholm. The terms, words, and pronunciations can vary from table to table, and you can add different dialects into your campaign. What is most important for the game is that the players and GM are comfortable with the words and concepts.

Watch on Youtube for the list of words and links to jump to that word in the video description.