About the Middarmark

"There is a center to all things, and so it is with worlds. Between Hel and the Dry Lands, Aether and the Endless Ice, the Shining Realm, fair Alfheim and other worlds sits the world of mortal men and women. And the crossroads of all is the Middarmark: a harsh land of stark beauty concealing the crumbling bones of countless civilizations that have sought to tame it and failed."
–from the Middarmark Gazetteer

Middarmark, written by Thor Olavsrud, is a setting gazetteer for Torchbearer RPG. Inspired by Scandinavian myth and folktales, the Middarmark provides a wealth of campaign material for Torchbearer.

In the Middarmark, a magnificent land full of terrifying splendor, civilization huddles behind stout walls and fortifications.

Along the misty coast, Rimholm has become the seat of power and wealthiest city in the Middarmark. But lo, Rimholm—a city born of blood and fire—stands besieged by rival factions, monstrous denizens, and vengeful spirits.

Although the skalds sing tales of glory and courage, there are no heroes in Rimholm—only the destitute, jaded, and opportunistic adventurers paid to plumb the depths of jötunn-infested caves and ancient Ylfaring ruins.

BWHQ Middarmark Books

These books, designed by Burning Wheel HQ for the Middarmark setting, can be found at the BWHQ Store.

Chalk Horse Books

Books created by the Chalk Horse for the Middarmark setting.

Ridders of the Gottmark
Ridders of the Gottmark
(In development)